Meet Lu Comora

2012 Graduate of the Amblard Atelier school of leather.  Louise was formally trained in traditional European leather craft by a former Hermès employee who had worked for years on the Hermès Kelly bag in France.


Over many years Louise honed her skills to become the Master Leather Artisan that she is today, resulting in BOHLUX...Bohemian Luxury, where her motto is --


     "Handcrafting one beautiful piece at a time . . ."


Lu teaches and facilitates new designers, who typically face an uphill battle to find training and advice -- while struggling to hold down their day-jobs.  Hers is a sort of 'pay-it-forward' state of mind that has pushed her over time to open a separate school from her boutique.  To further assist students in moving from their vision to making sales and promoting themselves, she dedicates part of her boutique to selling product made by the advanced students in the Bohlux Master's program--each student with her/his own section in the Bohlux shop . . . more

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Mark Hanks

2012 Graduate of the Amblard Atelier school of leather. 


After working as a commercial interior designer for 20+ years,  I have spent the last 5 years as the artisan/owner at Mark Hanks Fine Leather Atelier, where I have been producing prototypes and accessories collections for Bay Area designers and entrepreneurs.

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