We offer three types of classes -  Evening, Master Program, and Leather Tooling classes. 


Scroll down for descriptions  and a detailed class syllabus for each class.


Our curriculum is based on Ellen Valentine's Step-by-Step Leatherwork workbook, which is included in your lessons welcome kit.


Evening Classes


We offer evening classes in our Santa Rosa student workshop for those who want to experience the craft before committing to a Master Craftsman Program.


Foundation techniques are taught using simple projects, such as wallets, belts, and card cases as vehicles for the lessons.  


You can purchase evening classes in blocks of 4 and attend at will, picking up your current project where you left off the previous session.  

​We provide the necessary tools and project leather for use in class.


To register, click below on the Enroll Now  button, or call 707/978-3708


Click to view the syllabus for the evening classes.

Wednesday nights, 6 pm - 8:30 pm.                                            

$380 for 4 classes 


Master Craftsman Classes

-- 4 levels

This is a 4-tier program (beginner, intermediate, advanced, master's levels of proficiency) designed to take you from knowing nothing about making leather bags and accessories, to producing highest quality fine leather hand-made items, photographing your product, and creating a website to promote your product line.  There is also a class on marketing through social media, optimizing for online search engines, and publications.​​

$3000 per 3-month semester,

one 8-hour day per week


Beginner - Level 1 (optional, depending on skill level)


In the Beginner's level you will be introduced to working with leather using traditional European hand methods. You learn about the essential tools you need to work with leather. You are taught the essentials of pattern-making, assembling small accessories, and fine finishing.


Click to view and print the Beginner level syllabus.


Intermediate  - Level 2


In Intermediate classes you will build on what you have learned from the beginners classes. Projects become more complex, and you will learn about bag structure and construction techniques. You are further taught the importance of step sequence.

Click to view and print the Intermediate level syllabus.



​Advanced - Level 3


In Advanced classes, you work on more complicated projects containing high-end designer features. You learn machine skiving, machine sewing, and advanced construction techniques. 


Click to view and print the Advanced level syllabus.

Master - Level 4

In Master classes you bring it all together for introduction of your line, including marketing on the web, web site construction, and product photography. You have the option to display your products in the BOHLUX Boutique and interact with customers.

Click to view and print the Master level syllabus.